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Frequently asked questions

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What is your winning percentage?
We have over an 68.9% win percentage in the four main sports on an annual basis since the start of ESL Consulting. We have an 74.2% win percentage on our “Lock of the Day.”
How many picks do you have per day?
That varies, depends on how many picks we are confident in. We will never force a pick if we are not confident.
How do you send the picks to clients?
The picks are sent out around 5:30-6:00 PM EST for night games, and 11AM-12:30 PM EST for day games. (If there are day games.)
How do you decide on the picks you make?
The ESL Team studies many different variables hours a day to make sure you have the competitive edge by using analytics, statistics, and our official team of sport consulting experts.
How does your system work?
Our system and client testimonials speak for themselves. We are here to make you profit. While it is not 100% perfected as no sport betting is, it is extremely successful and provides you with a big return that you will find with any sports handicapper in the sports betting world!
Do you use a unit system?
Yes, we do. Our system is based upon 2.0 Units equaling 4% of bankroll. 4.0 units would be 8% of bankroll. Ex: $1,000.00 Bank Roll means 2.0 Units = $40.00
Do you rate your plays?
Yes, we do. Regular locks are listed below the “Locks of the Day” being the most confident lock we have for the day.
How do I find Today's picks on the website?
To get to today’s picks: login with your account and click Todays Locks.